Ternary for piano solo (2001)

Sonata for piano solo (2001)

Images for harp solo (2009)

Cello solo (2015)

Oriental Winds for flute solo (2016)

Tonbak solo (2017)

Lighthouse, Ney Solo (2020)

Piano solo “Your Voice” for Mohammadreza Shajarian (2021)



Parsi for baritone solo and piano (2009)

Duet for cello and percussion (2014)

Piece for Peace, piano and soprano (2017)

Duet for Cello and piano (2017)

Shakespeare Sonnets for piano and Soprano (2021)

“Sallaneh” duet for Double Bass and piano (2022)


String quartet 1(2000)

Woodwind quartet (2001)

Four Elements for percussion quartet (2010)

Seasons for shakuhachi, violin, cello and piano (2010)*

Illustration string quartet 2 (2013)

Chargan string quartet 3 (2014)

Illusion & Reality, Vancouver Erhu Quartet (2023)



“Paay Koubaan” octet for Tonbak, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba, vibraphone, Harp, and Double bass (2010)

Concerto for Ney and string orchestra (2011)

Message of Peace for mezzo soprano, oud, percussion, and strings (2013)

Woodwind quintet (2015)

“Ghalandar” for Ney and 10 Cellos (2018)

Multicultural Wind Ensemble in 6 movements for Ney, Shakuhachi, Dizi, Xiao, Sheng, Suona, and percussion (2023)

Elegy for Iran for Tenet (Tar, Santoor, Oud, Flute, Clarinet, Sheng, Erhu, Viola, Double Bass, Percussion) performed by VICO (2023)


Orchestral & Bands

Oriental for symphonic orchestra (2000)

Piece for Peace for symphonic orchestra “instrumental version” (2010)

Dialog Among Cultures for flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion, harp, string orchestra, ney, sho, sheng, pipa, setar, Azeri tar, Turkish oud, Arab qanoun, zheng, erhu, Azeri kamanche, sarangi, Turkish kamanche (2014)**

Azeri Dances for symphonic orchestra and tar solo (2015)

“Nowruz” in 3 movements for Ney and symphonic orchestra performed by Lions Gate Sinfonia (2022)


“Olympic Rings” for choir, baritone soloist and percussion (2008)***

“Hoval Yaar” for 4 soloists and 4 percussion (2010)

Zikr for choir (2014)

Window for choir (2015)

Shah-e Man for choir, 3 soloists, piano and percussion (2017)

Deldar for choir, 3 soloists, piano and percussion (2017)

Ruz-e Akher for choir, 4 soloists, piano and percussion (2017)

Nowruz for choir, 3 soloists, piano and percussion (2019)


Orchestra/ Ensemble & Vocal

“Ghazali Baray-e To” (A Song for You) for symphonic orchestra, guitar, drums, soprano solo and choir, poem Siavash Kasraee (2002)

“Haft Shahr-e Eshgh” (The Seven Stages of Love) for symphonic orchestra and baritone solo, based on Mantegh Al Teir from Attar Neishabouri (2003)

“Ghasedak” for string orchestra, Iranian ensemble, alto solo and choir, poem Akhavan Sales (2003)

“Gozar-e Omr” (Living) for string orchestra, oboe, kamanche, setar, percussion, baritone solo and choir, poem Mehdi Nazari (2005)

“Entezar” (Expectation) for symphonic orchestra, baritone solo and choir, poem Mehdi Nazari, (2005)

“Arg-e Khamoush” (The Silenced Arg) for string orchestra, tar, kamanche, ney, santour, oud, tonbak, baritone solo, poem Fariborz Rostami (2007)

“Parsi” for symphonic orchestra and baritone solo, poem Ferdowsi (2009)****

“Which Dust?” for soprano solo, flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, viola, cello, contrabass and percussion, poem Freidun Moshiri (2011)

“Message of Peace” for soprano solo, oud, percussion, and string orchestra (2013)

Logo for Vancouver Iranian Choir for choir and orchestra (2016)

Mast_e Qalandar (Baluchi folk song) for soloist, choir, and orchestra (2019)

Shah-e Man for choir, 3 soloists and orchestra (2019)

Nowruz for choir, 3 soloists and orchestra (2019)

Iran for string orchestra, harp, oboe, and baritone soloist (2020)

The Clear Horizon, for 3 soloists and orchestra (2020)

Jana arranged by Amir Eslami for string orchestra, piano, harp and baritone soloist (2020)

Gol Afshan arranged by Amir Eslami for string orchestra, Persian ensemble, horn, choir, and tenor soloist (2020)

Bitab (Restless) arranged by Amir Eslami for piano, Cello, flute, kamancheh, bendir and soloist (2021)

Savaran arranged for symphonic orchestra and choir (2021)

Zendegi (Life) for woodwind, percussion, string, Persian music ensemble, and alto soloist (2021)

Drunk based on Rumi’s poem for Naadaleela Ensemble (2021)

“Zolf” arranged for soloist, choir and symphonic orchestra, performed by Lions Gate Sinfonia (2022)

Arghavaan arranging two composed melodies for soloist, choir, Tanboor, Daf and orchestra (2023)

The Stem of Light for soprano, string quartet, and piano (2023)



“The Last Dance Ballet” for 19 instruments, soprano solo in 5 acts, one introduction and 14 scenes, story by composer (2013)

“The Last Dance Ballet” rearranged for Naadaleela Ensmble, Vancouver (2023)

Movie& Theater Music

Bluff, short movie (2004)

Detour, short movie (2005)

There Was Nothing, Puppet (2005)

Tariff, short movie (2006)

Identity, short movie (2006)

Nightmare, short movie (2007)

The Silent Threat, short movie (2007)

Ambush, short movie (2008)

The Blue Idea, video Clip (2012)

The tale of Magic wolf, theater (2013)

The Arrest Warrant, movie soundtrack (2023)


Iranian Ensemble

Iranian Instrumentation, BA thesis (1996)

Salahshur (2000)

Windows for baritone solo and Iranian full orchestra (2007)

All of You, music album, ney and piano, (2012)

Hoval Yaar for solo and Iranian ensemble (2014)

Chargan for Iranian string quartet (2014)

Sheikhan-e Jahel, alto solo, and Iranian ensemble (2014)

For Hamed, trio qanun, qeichak and percussion (2016)

Now Bahaar for 3 singers, Persian ensemble, and piano (2018)

The Memories of a Sweetheart, music album, alto solo, and Iranian ensemble (2019)

The Mystery of Nightingale’s Warbling, Music Album, 3 female singers and Persian music ensemble (2019)

The Phoenix of Persia (Children book and music), Tiny Owl Publication, UK (2019)

Sotooh & Sobh (2 pieces) for Persian music ensemble, music album (2021)

Sheida arrangement for two Persian ancient harps, Western harp, kamanche, percussion, and tenor (2021)

“I Know of a Woman” for Persian ensemble and 3 female soloists (2022)

The Lovers for Persian female singer, and Persian ensemble (2023)


Jazz Band

Drunk based on Rumi’s poem for baritone soloist, Tanboor and jazz band (2023)

A Gift for Jazz Students for jazz band (2023)

Elegy for Iran for Alto soloist, Tanboor, and jazz band (2023)


* Third prize from “Shakuhachi Chamber International Composition Competition, Melbourne, Australia, 2010.

** Honorable mention work, Atlas Ensemble International Composition Competition, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014.

*** Third prize from “Sport and Vocal Composition Competition” China Olympic 2008, Tehran Olympic Academy, 2008.

**** First prize from “2 Agosto International Composition Competition, Bologna, Italy 2009.